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Possibly Soundstream's very first run of the Reference 500 / 6.0 amplifiers before switching to the more familiar and standard silkscreen on the back cover.

1798 RD1498

Reference 500

1846 RD1943

Reference 500

1798 RD1414

Reference 6.0

Reference 3.0

1849 RD2226

Reference 500

According to Wade Stewart, he is confident this was a legit silkscreen used back when the models were first released.  Unable to confirm if these were actual prototype revisions of the Reference 500 and 6.0.


Above is a pair of unfinished Reference 1000s amps that were factory built as "cheater" amps for a Soundstream engineer. The only difference is the etching on the plexi cover says 700s, not 1000s. These particular amps were rebuilt and modified to do more power than rated; without sacrificing the legendary sound quality that old school Soundstream amplifiers are known for.

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