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Danny Samuels


Nick Conigliaro

Joachim Prosiegel

Indiana, USA

Illinois, USA

Wisconsin, USA

Hessen, Germany

The Tarantula is a limited edition amplifier made in the late 90s. These are very rare, especially in mint condition. A true collectors piece.

"You now own the Limited Edition Tarantula Amplifier, the product of an uncompromising design and engineering philosophy.  Your Soundstream Tarantula will outperform any other amplifier in the world."

A beast of an amp, the first generation Tarantulas came with the famous cutout spider and blue neon light. Rated power at 4ohms mono - 2000W!

The Widow Maker is a limited edition Tarantula amplifier covered in a deep black textured finish and a back lit in pulsing red neon. This amp has the same output and as the regular Tarantula and is one the rarest amplifiers Soundstream ever made.

"Soundstream amplifiers are the result of American innovation and the highest quality control standards. When properly installed, they will provide you with many years of listening pleasure."

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