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Welcome to the Soundstream Registry. This site is dedicated to all Soundstream enthusiasts who appreciate their mobile audio products.

The purpose of this site is to track unique, rare and limited edition old school Soundstream car audio amplifiers. All content is subject to change and chances are the site will branch out to other old school Soundstream products. This project requires community effort so we encourage all forms of positive feedback.

Oregon, USA

I would like to give a big THANK YOU to the gentleman in which I was inspired by to create something for Soundstream fans.  Through his vision I was able to recognize the importance of carrying on with other manufactures in hopes of keeping the "old school" vibe alive and well.

This site is not affiliated with Wade Stewart, BigDWiz - Old School Stereo, Soundstream, Power Acoustik or parent company Epsilon Electronics, Inc.

All content has been approved for use

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