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In roughly 2002, Soundstream released the Tarantula TR Series. Marketed as a limited or special edition amplifier, these are very rare and could quite possibly be the last of the "Handcrafted in the USA" branded amplifier. The TR series ranged in flavors from a monoblock to 5-channel configurations and were of the same era as the Van Goghs series. These were designed by Karl Cummings and rumor has it the boards were manufactured in Korea and had problems.

TR 2000/1

"Soundstream amplifiers are the result of American innovation and the highest quality control standards. When properly installed, they will provide you with many years of listening pleasure."

There were two versions of the TR series, one line built in the U.S.A. the other in Korea. Other TR models were made in China. The ones from Korea looks very similar and sport the same raised tarantula emblem. A sign the amp may be made in either China or Korea is the missing signal diagram typically silk-screened on the back.

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