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The MC500 is the largest 4-channel amplifier Soundstream made in the late 80s, early 90s. This amplifier is considered very rare and had an MSRP of $1295. Labeled as a high-end amplifier at the time, a minty condition one can still bring in good money.

"Thank you for purchasing a Soundstream amplifier. You now own the finest high power amplifier available, a precision component capable of audiophile-quality performance."

Power ratings and features:

  • 4-Channel Amp rated at 125 watts x 4 channels

  • Bridgeable for 2 or 3 channel operation delivering up to 250 watts x2 channels

  • LSE - Linear Subwoofer Extension with adjustable frequency for added low end impact

  • No built-in crossover

  • 2 ohm stereo / 4 ohm mono stable

  • Dual 30A fuses for power

  • Up to 70A current draw at maximum output

  • Integrated terminal connectors

  • Powder coated finish


A beast of a 4-channel amp, it can operate in 2 or 3-channel configurations, increasing power to 250 watts per channel, ultimately 500x2 (perfect for subs). A versatile amplifier than can be used for most setups, this particular amp was very popular in the old school days.

Old School Stereo

Click to see an in-depth review of the MC500, including the amp's dyno test by BigDWiz from

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